Emptiness of the Human Spirit (8 January 2017)

Greetings, this is Alcazar, Light Being.

I want to talk about the emptiness of the human spirit. People are very good at recognising when they are happy, when they’re excited, when they’re angry. In fact good at recognising any register of emotions.
What people are less good at doing, and this is largely because of a trick played by the human mind, is recognising the value of ‘nothing’. You might say, but ‘nothing’ is ‘nothing’. I say to you that in ‘nothing’ is ‘everything’. That might sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t.
God is everywhere. And if you accept that God is everywhere, and you believe that God is everywhere, the God is in ‘nothing’ too.
I say this because there is no such thing as ‘nothing’. And what might feel like emptiness of spirit, a devoidness of emotion, a sadness, a depression – in those states, a feeling of emptiness and nothingness, can, understandably, leave a person feeling that there is ‘nothing’. But if God is in everything, and there is no such thing as ‘nothing’, then the emptiness, the sadness, the ‘nothingness’, gives you a chance to, without other distractions, to meet with God. To meet with God, stripped of emotion.
It is the person who is sad and who is feeling empty, who doesn’t care for food because he can’t be bothered, who doesn’t care for work because he can’t be bothered, who doesn’t care for talking because he can’t be bothered, because that endless ‘nothingness’ he feels will not be filled. I’m not talking of unhappiness, because unhappiness is a feeling people can recognise. I’m talking to those people who have felt such a deep emptiness and ‘nothingness’ that to even be given the opportunity to feel unhappy would seem like a gift.
If you’re reading this channel now, what I have said might resonate with you. And if it does, I have these words for you. In ‘nothing’ there is God. Unimpeded by material concerns, unimpeded by emotional distractions. Do not despair, in your ‘nothingness’, thinking you will never return to normality. Wait. Take yourself to a place abundant with nature, or if that is not possible, listen to music of nature, of bubbling brooks maybe, or singing birds. Because that will be your way back to normality.
But before you return, take a moment, to Be in the ‘nothingness’. Because it is whilst you are in that ‘nothingness’ that you might find God. And the feeling you get when you find God is not one you would describe as an emotion, because it goes deeper than a transient emotion. An emotion that can change from one second to the next. Happiness to sadness depending on a comment from someone, depending on if someone cuts you up when you’re driving. If you can meet God in that ‘nothingness’ the feeling isn’t transient. It is a glimpse into the eternal, deep and abiding love that God has for you. You will feel it as nectar to the soul. And you might smile.
And once you’ve smiled, you might realise that your ‘nothingness’ isn’t something imposed upon or given to you unfairly, a dealt hand of cards, when others around you seem to be getting on so well. You might see that you yourself have chosen to experience this. Or whether you feel you have chosen this experience or not, it has given you an opportunity to connect deep down with God and deep down with ‘you’.
How many people get the opportunity to experience that deep connection within. Everyone gets that opportunity. But as with all opportunities, there is a choice. To say ‘no’. There is a choice to ignore, a choice to continue to distract.
I do not wish to imply that God can only be found in empty spaces if ‘nothingness’, because as I have said, God is everywhere. By allowing yourself to experience this ‘nothingness’, it gives you a greater perspective on ‘you’. On your core. On what you are, and it’s a ‘you’ not based on job title, physical appearance, gender, age, colour, musical tastes, football team supported, hobbies, who you’re married to, who your parents are, who your children are. Strip all that away, all those identity markers, and people can feel very list and very empty, but in that emptiness is a space where you can meet God. And that ‘you’ that is meeting God in that space is your true ‘you’. Your eternal ‘you’. Your God given ‘you’.
I hope that this has been of some help to those of you wondering why it is that you might be going through these periods of feeling such an emptiness that gnaws away at you. It may feel like you are wasting time and that the click is ticking.
But do not regard this as a waste of time. This is not a race, from birth to death. This is a ‘pause point’. And once you’ve hit that pause point, and if you’re lucky, you will dare to not deny yourself the empty moment. And once you have ‘touched’ yourself, found yourself, you will find that you have started on the first steps towards constructing a ‘you’ that is not based upon labels and not based upon others’ expectations. You will have a clearer vision of who you are, what you need, and what you want, to be able to live a fulfilling life.
In a similar way to those who might take a sabbatical from work for an extended period may discover when not focusing on their work or thinking about their future path, in that absence of work, what it is that they would find fulfilling in work.
Another example of where there is ‘nothing’ or an absence, there is an opportunity to meet with yourself and know yourself. I should say, get to know yourself.
I hope this has been helpful.
Greetings my dear friends.
This is Alcazar, Light Being, channelled through my friend Helen.


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