The answer is love

15 January 2017

This is Alcazar, Light Being.  Today I want to talk about the earth and the interconnectedness of all the countries and all the places on earth.  Australia is experiencing a heat wave, Central Europe is experiencing a freezing cold period, America has had typhoons.  All around the world at any given moment you can find extremes of temperatures and weather.

People have an understanding that the weather systems in one part of the world can do, and in fact do, affect the weather systems in another part of the world. So we accept and understand, and our science understands, that whilst the many different countries experience many different weathers and some might seem very extreme, there is an interconnectedness between the weather patterns on earth.

I mention the weather because that is a concept of interconnectedness that is well understood.  What is less well understood is the impact that  one country and one continent can have on another country, which in turn can affect another country, and so on and so on.

It is not possible for one country to isolate itself and create a utopia at the expense of other countries.  It is not possible because human activity on any part of the earth impacts on other peoples on  other parts of the earth too.  You might think how is this possible, how can a war thousands and thousands of miles away impact on a country that isn’t involved in the war, doesn’t have citizens being affected by the war, doesn’t have its businesses affected by the war – in fact, it seems to suffer no effect at all.

Everything that happens in one place impacts on another place.  It impacts emotionally, and it impacts on a much deeper consciousness level.  I’m not talking about the impact of feeling upset, or sad, or sorry when you hear the news and see what is happening, and see the suffering in other parts of the world.

What I’m saying is that the earth is one body, and just as in the human body, if the foot is hurt it impacts on the whole of the body.  If you’ve injured your foot, you don’t just say “we’ll ignore you foot, we’ll carry on doing what we were doing”.  We’ll watch television, because we can do anything that doesn’t involve the foot and we can be detached from it.  Biologically your body goes into ‘rescue’ mode, sending its ‘fighter’ soldiers to the affected spot.  Your pain receptors are on red-alert.  It might just be your foot but your whole body, your whole thought patterns, are focussed on that pain.

The same is with the earth.  Except we have lost the connection and the understanding of knowing that we are directly impacted by what happens anywhere else on the earth.

We spoke last week about when the human spirit is feeling sad that going out into nature can help.  There’s nothing new in that, but what I want to tell you now is that the human can also have an impact on the earth.  And just as the human in one part of the earth can be affected by something that happens in another ‘unrelated’ part of the earth, and this is the bit you might find difficult to believe, the human can also in return impact what is going on in  another part of the earth.

This brings me to the Grid.  Lots has been said about the Grid.  I’m talking now about the energetic Grid, the crystalline Grid as it has sometimes been called, that surrounds the whole of the earth, and which can be directly impacted upon by human activity.

I’m not going to talk about the anomalies in the Grid, where such impact does not occur, but about the bulk of the Grid.  If you would have the ability to see the Grid,  the impact would show up as the Grid being distorted, torn, damaged, blown apart, in those places where human activity has been depraved, where there has been cruelty, where there has been war, killing, where there has been a collective consciousness that has been of itself against all that which is good and pure and light.

But the Grid is more than just a geographical marker, a representation of, you might say, human history and what has happened.  It is a living, breathing Grid and today I will talk about its function as a system of transportation.  Just as blood moves around the human body, through the circulatory system, transporting oxygen, transporting white blood cells to where they are needed, transporting information even, thus, the Grid around the earth can transport not only information but also human energy.

Where the Grid is damaged it’s not usually a precise, exact piece of damage a such as you would get if you were to shoot a hole in a target.  More the damage is scattered and reverberates, and the analogy would be with a bomb blast.  The effects of the bomb are at its most intense at the point of impact and then reverberate out, decreasing in intensity but nevertheless affecting a wider area.

The effect here I’m talking about is an energetic effect that affects the minds of men, the spirits of men, the emotions of men, the wider collective consciousness of men.  And this is a message to those people who are looking to help the earth and help other people in other parts of the earth.

I say it is not necessary to travel to those places,  because the grid represents a transportation system, it carries communication, it carries energies, and it can also carry love and healing and positive feelings and positive thoughts.  And because the Grid is an instantaneous communication method that the earth uses to communicate between itself and with itself, it also means that if love is sent from one part of the earth it can reach its destination instantaneously.

What is needed to repair the Grid in the places it is damaged?  It’s not necessary to be able to see the Grid to know where it is damaged, it’s not necessary to go to a place and feel the damage, and some people can feel the damage quite clearly. Wherever there has been human depravity then you can assume there is damage.

For those of you who see the damages, you will see a distortion in the Grid when you meditate upon it, for those of you who feel it, you will feel the negativity, the blackness, the darkness.  You will feel an absence of light.  For those who neither see nor feel, look at the history of the place.

So what can be done to repair the Grid in those places.  And why would you even want to try to repair it?  The Grid and its state in any particular area has an impact on the people living there. It has an impact on their beliefs, on their values, on their relationship to their other humans.  And because we have spoken of the interconnectedness of the earth, both physically and of the people on the earth, it follows that a damaged Grid, caused by past actions perhaps, is continuing to impact  on the people living there.   If the people living there and their beliefs, values and consciousness of those people, by way of the energetic and communicating Grid, have an impact on the rest of the world, which they do, it follows that it’s in the interests of everyone on the earth to look at places where there has been, and is, suffering, not as places to deny, not as places to ignore, to turn a blind eye to, but as places that require, urgently, our help, for the benefit of everyone.

So that is the why.  And the Grid can be repaired, and those who can see the Grid will see when it has happened.  Those who can feel the Grid will feel it.  For those who neither see nor feel, look to the material changes, look to the statistics, look to the positive news coming out of that place.  The renewed sense of community, the bourgeoning of idea, the flourishing of the youth, real-world non- spiritual indicators that all point to wellbeing.

The second part is then, how can the Grid be repaired?  And the answer is one you can probably anticipate.  The answer is love.  And what I would ask everyone to do, is to spend to some time, five minutes if that is all you have to spare.  To sit down, preferably to focus on an area where there has been,  or where there is, such damage.

And it might help to imagine that as you sit in one spot on the Grid you imagine the straightest line from you to the place that has been damaged.  And imagine that you are sending your love energy along that line, that energetic communication line, so that it hits directly the spot you have in mind.

So how do you send love?  Many have spoken about this, and for their work in doing so I am grateful.  There is no prescribed way.  You can say words of love, you could say for instance, “I send my love to the people of Syria who are suffering at the moment”.  You can focus on your heart centre and feel and direct your feelings of love down that communication line to your target.  You can visualise it, because love is not just an emotion.

Love carries a high vibrational energy, and the key to sending it is your intent.  So by feeling that love, by connecting with it within your heart, and by focussing on your intended recipient, by focusing on a transfer of that love, from you to that place, you will achieve that transfer of love.

Transfer is not a very good word because that implies it goes from one to the other, having left the one to arrive at the other.  But when you are in that state of love, and that state of intending to send your love, the love will continue to build up, and build up, until it feels as if you might burst.  You will feel it in every cell of your body, as if every cell of your body is tingling.  And the more you feel it the more you have to send.

So not doubt the effect of your actions.  Do not  doubt the effect that sending your love has and will have, on wherever you send it to.  But it’s not just a giving, for in the giving of your love, you will belong to notice that the love inside of you increases.

I ask you to be as specific as possible in sending your love.  Of course, sending love generally is always a good thing to do, but by focussing your intention on a specific place, you can help that place so much better than by sending that love generally.

I hope this has been helpful.  Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

This is Alcazar, Light Being