Where is the room for a God?

The tumultuous times we live in. The chaotic world: wars, famines, droughts. Man-made problems and natural disasters. Amidst all of this, where is there room for a God?

Men and women have asked that same question for centuries. How can it be possible that God is loving, giving and kind on the one hand. And on the other, can oversee such tragedy, and barely lift a finger in response.

It is said that God is a personal God: resides within each of us. In some He is ignored, He is denied. In others, He is welcomed, worshipped, glorified. Irrespective of the welcome He receives, He resides within nonetheless.

And those who recognise a personal God will recognise a loving God. Those who choose to deny the existence of God will have all the evidence they need, because they are effectively detached from their personal God, so much so that He may as well not be there.

It is Jesus who said love your neighbour as yourself. Perhaps the greatest commandment ever given to man. And when you discover your personal God within you, you begin to feel a connection and a regard for other people. That may have been there before: I don’t for one minute suggest that there aren’t non believers out there who are giving and kind.

But I do suggest that if you have found your personal God, it becomes easier to be tolerant and kind, because you recognise God in other people too. You recognise people as divine beings, who are entitled and who are deserving of the love of God.

It is only when we begin to recognise others as being of equally important to ourselves, regardless of their outer appearance and circumstances, that we can truly put into practise the commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves. If we all could do that, the existence of war, and man-made famines, droughts, and disasters becomes difficult to comprehend.

God gives us another gift. A gift that can also be a curse. And that is the gift of free will. You are not forced to recognise Him or to recognise His laws. And you can do what you want. But when doing what you want make sure it’s a decision based on what you really do want. And for that decision and the outcome of that decision to be fulfilling, try to make the decision from the perspective of ‘what doesn’t harm other people’.

Of course, you can say there are always consequences and that is true. But certain circumstances are more obvious than others. If you decide you want to drive way in excess of the speed limit,
because of the thrill of it, yes, you can do that. It perhaps the foreseeable consequences are death of injury, of yourself or others. If you want to do that, you can still do that. But if you want to do that in a way that doesn’t breach the great commandment ‘ to love your neighbour as yourself’, then think how you can do that safely. Go to a race track; use your money to buy either an experience or time on the track.

Every single day people have choices to make. Often they are made blindly, almost in an auto-pilot sense. Default decisions made and no active thought given to them. Recognise that each and every day you have the opportunity to make a decision. A decision that says a lot about you. So don’t look to the newspapers and to the wars, and the man-made disasters with despair, and think what can be done. You as an individual can start to make moral based choices. And that will impact on those around you in ways that you perhaps cannot anticipate.

And the more people who are in that frame of mind and making moral choices, the bigger their ‘voice’. That ‘voice’ can impact on public opinion and on the people taking actions on their behalf, such as politicians and civil servants.

What I’m saying is, you’re not as helpless as you sometimes might feel. You can hugely impact on the environment around you, and the more people who start to do that, the less and less we have mass destruction, caused by men and their activities.

In fact, men are kinder now than they were hundreds of years ago, and hundreds of years before then. In the West at least, life is much gentler than it once was. Of course, yes, life is stressful nowadays. And that’s a topic for another discussion. All I will say on that is that people often create their own stress and allow themselves to be stressed by circumstances that they impact on.

This is not a criticism, in fact it started as a gentle reminder that humankind is not descending into chaos and destruction. But rather, when an overview is taken it can be seen that the consciousness of men is rising higher and higher . And what you do now, after reading this, whether you put it into practise or not, or think about what I have, is up to you.

But if this impacts in any small way on you, you can be assured that that impact will spread much further than you.

Blessings my friends and greetings, this is Alcazar, Light Being.

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