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Here you can find all the information about our channellings, free recordings and upcoming events.

We work with Alcazar, a loving and divine light being. as well as with other holy beings such as Mother Mary, St.Germain and lord Maytreya. We are leaded by Alcazar.

In our work we help and support people with their own unique spiritual paths, their inner journey to joy and love.

Spirituality is about finding your true self, the connection with your inner divinity.
Its often hard work, but worth it.
Click here and read what Alcazar says about transformation.

At workshops and events as well as in private sessions we work with the Cube of Wholeness. This is a physical metal cube, the design of which was channelled by Alcazar. It has geometrical shapes inside.
The cube is a multidimensional device and can be used to achieve personal and spiritual insight and transformation.

Alcazar said of the cube:

“It’s impossible to believe that smoothing so small as the Cube can be so powerful.
And its only natural those who are working with the Cube to wonder what it is about the arrangement and design of the Cube that allows the Cube to facilitate a growth of consciousness to those who use it with appropriate intent.
The Cube is a gift from Universe to earth, and as such all the blessings of the Universe and the strength that you can call forward when asking the Universe for its intervention and help, is replicated but not contained within the Cube.
The energy of the Cube extends far beyond its physical edges to touch those who come into contact with it, in a benevolent and gentle way that promotes their own understanding and awareness.
Earth is ready for the Cube and the power within.”

The common theme to all inner growth and transformation along your spiritual path is a growing sense of love, increased inner balance, a deepening compassion and in many cases development of psychic gifts.

Are you ready to join us?
Are you ready to acknowledge the gift that you are?

We look forward working with you and send you our love,

Helen and Eva.