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Welcome to our site.  We’re happy you found us!

We are guided by Alcazar, a loving and divine light being, who oversees our work.  He, together with Mother Mary, St.Germain and others support us by providing channelled information and energetic assistance.

We love to help people along their unique spiritual path to joy, love, and growth.

In one of his channellings Alcazar says about transformation:

It’s often said that spiritual progress takes hard work because so much of what we have to deal with as humans leaves scars upon us and layers and layers of protective coating.  And often what is hidden is the light within.  When you release the baggage, the pain that is caused by the process of releasing it, is always worth the joy at the end.  Joy is important because it connects us with who we truly are; it facilitates love because in joy there is only love.  If you want personal transformation, look at yourself.  Identify those areas where you have work to do and do the work.  Then you will move forward.  You will transform.”

The spiritual path reveals itself incrementally to the walker.  Each step along the way asks a personal commitment and invites self-discovery, exploration and resolution of obstructions.  The path is not always smooth and involves the facing of psychological issues.  For the brave  the reward is an opening of the heart, a deepening experiencing of love and an ever increasing connection with their own essence and Source.   As the “traveller” progresses their divine blueprint will start to unravel.

Integral to our work is the Cube of Wholeness; a multi-dimensional  device, constructed to a precise design, as channelled by Alcazar.  Inside the outer structure is a complex arrangement of geometrical shapes.  The Cube holds a universal consciousness and allows the user to make a direct connection with its essence, and facilities a clear communication between one’s soul and Source.  Working with the Cube can lead to personal and spiritual insight, transformation and rejuvenation.

It’s impossible to believe that something so small as the Cube can be so powerful.  And it’s only natural for those who are working with the Cube to wonder what it is about the arrangement and design of the Cube that allows the Cube to facilitate a growth of consciousness to those who use it with appropriate intent. The Cube is a gift from Universe to earth, and as such all the blessings of the Universe and the strength that you can call forward when asking the Universe for its intervention and help, is replicated but not contained within the Cube.  The energy of the Cube extends far beyond its physical edges to touch those who come into contact with it, in a benevolent and gentle way that promotes their own understanding and awareness.  Earth is ready for the Cube and the power within it”  –  Alcazar.

Are you ready to join us and discover the gift that you are?

We look forward to engaging and working with you.

With love,

Alcazar, Helen and Ine.