The Cube of Wholeness

What is the cube of Wholeness?

From the outside the Cube of Wholeness is a beautiful copper cube with 45cm edges. The original lustrous high shine has now faded, giving a beautiful aged appearance.

Inside the Cube is a precise arrangement of copper cube. In a way it’s a shame that the cube did require covering, as the internal arrangement is quite fascinating.

The design for the Cube was channelled over a period of time to Helen, by Alcazar. First the exterior, and then the exact layout of the inner tubes. It soon became clear to Helen and Ine who were working with the etheric Cube, that it was an immensely powerful device. After a few months, and with direction from Alcazar as to who to engage to build the Cube, the build process began with anticipation. It took around a month for the intricate work to be completed and the craftsman, Marcel, did a great job.

The Cube itself is a beautiful object in itself, and would have made a wonderful centrepiece! But it’s more than just a beautiful piece of modern art! That became even clearer when Alcazar instructed that the Cube needed activation, and a formal activation ceremony was performed by Him, Helen and Ine.

Alcazar said of the Cube

“It’s impossible to believe that something so small as the Cube can be so powerful. And it’s only natural for those who work with the Cube to¬†wonder what it is about the arrangement and design of the cube that allows the Cube to facilitate a growth of consciousness in those who use it with appropriate intent. The Cube is a gift from the Universe to Earth, and as such all the blessings of the Universe and the strength that you call forward when asking the Universe for its intervention and help, is replicated but not contained within the Cube. The energy of the Cube extends far beyond its physical edges to touch those who come into contact with it, in a benevolent and gentle way, that promotes their own understanding and awareness. With appropriate intent the Cube can lead to healing and the growth of consciousness. Earth is ready for the Cube and for the power within in”

Since then Helen and Ine have experienced at first hand the gentle yet transformative effect the Cube has had on those who have engaged with it. It’s clear that the Cube effects each person differently, in a way that is appropriate for them. One common theme seems to be it’s ability to shine a light on those area of ‘darkness’ that need addressing. One person described it as being like a ‘self-mirror’. So it helps with awareness which is the starting point for any inner work. It’s perhaps too early to assess how the Cube then helps with the process following on from awareness.

We look forward to working with the Cube with as many people as possible, in the hope that it can help them with their inner development. More Cubes will follow, in different metals. And in order to share the Cube with as many as possible we will soon be able to offer bespoke Cube jewellery (using activated Cubes).

More Cubes will follow.