The Cube of Wholeness

What is the Cube of Wholeness?

The Cube of Wholeness is covered in pure copper and its original, lustrous high-shine has faded to give an aged appearance. Inside the Cube is a precise and fascinating arrangement of copper tubing.

The specific design of the Cube was channelled in intricate detail by Alcazar over a period of time. First the exterior, and then the exact layout and positioning of the inner tubing.   Once built by a craftsman, Alcazar directed the process of the Cube’s activation. This involved a special ceremony with Alcazar, our guides and us, in which the Cube transformed from an inanimate object into a “living” multi-dimensional device with its own consciousness.

Alcazar said of the Cube, (available as a listen below):

“The Cube leaves an imprint on all those who encounter it.  However brief, however fleeting, the Cube acts as a beacon of light in the darkest of places, reawakening and enlightening previously hidden realms.  The person who comes in contact with the Cube is either consciously aware of the impact it has or else receives an unconscious trigger; a trigger that reminds  that person that there is something else to life.  It shows them that there is a way home.  It gets them thinking about going home; about their true purpose.  The Cube is as appropriate for a novice as it is for an expert traveller: someone who might have tried many disciplines, or followed many practices and teachings.  There is no dogma to the Cube and it will not conflict with any of your beliefs, if your beliefs are true beliefs.  It does not ask you to change but it will bring about change.  It does not ask you to engage with it, but being with it, you will want to engage.  It does not ask you to worship it or blindly follow it or its practitioners, but you will see it for the true light it is.  All I ask is that you are fortunate enough to recognise that call within that the Cube can trigger.  Recognise it for what it is: a call from deep down in your soul; a call for self-soul validation.”  

      Alcazar talking about the Cube

One guy, upon being with the Cube, commented: “It has all of space inside”.  Another person upon interacting with the Cube was visibly touched and in tears, and said: “It touched my heart”.  One woman described it as being like a “self-mirror”.